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Budder Cutter- Heated Cutting and Loading Tool

Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter Introduction

The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is a heated cutting and loading, multi-use dabbing tool. Designed for sticky, hard to manage oils or waxes. The heat source is carefully calibrated to avoid overheating while minimizing heating time to ensure a perfect cutting/loading temperature. It also doubles as a heated loading tool for our vaporizer pens. Featuring interchangeable heating tips, the Budder Cutter is an innovative, versatile tool suitable for many different materials and applications. Designed for the Dab Connoisseur. The Budder Cutter makes handling shatter, crumble, waxy oils and all other full melt concentrates easier than ever and without the mess! 

Power Up

Newer model Budder Cutter units have a press and hold heating cycle. You will need to turn the battery on with 5 rapid clicks of the button. To heat the Budder Cutter tips, press and hold the button while the battery is on. The heating cycle lasts for 15 seconds before an automatic safety cut off. If you need to keep heating your Budder Cutter tips, release the button for a moment then press and hold again. 

Older model Budder Cutter units: Click the button on the battery 3 times to turn the unit on. The light on the battery will illuminate for 15 seconds as the unit runs through a heating cycle. No need to hold the power button. Once the 15 seconds is over, the light on the button will blink and shut off. This safety cutoff is initiated to avoid the battery from over heating as well as a safety precaution. 

Loading with Style

Charging the Battery

You will know when your battery needs to be charged when it will not turn on and instead blinks 5 times and shuts off. Charging your Budder Cutter is fairly easy, just remove the heating element from the battery, plug your charger into a USB (or AC Adapter for faster charge), and connect the battery to the charger by meeting the top 510 threads from the battery to the 510 threads on the USB charger. The light on the charger will turn red, indicating it is charging and when the device is fully charged, the light on the charger will turn green. The battery lasts for approximately 250-300 heating cycles and takes 2-3 hours to charge.

Caring for Your Budder Cutter

Please be gentle when threading the 7 titanium coated tips onto the heating element. It can be a bit fragile as it is made with a silica woven substance and thin titanium coil for even heating. The heat source is carefully calibrated to avoid overheating while minimizing heating time to ensure a perfect cutting/loading temperature. Leaving your Budder Cutter unattended while in a heating cycle may be dangerous! Make sure you turn off the unit when not in use and set it standing up or laying on a dab mat to cool. 

Slice and Dice!

Keeping It Clean

Remember to keep your device clean for long-term usage and overall performance. We recommend using a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol of 91% or higher to clean any residue in and around the battery, charger, heating element, and tips. DO NOT use a torch to clean any of your Budder Cutter components. 

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