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Stella Introduction

 Dr.Dabber® has perfected the high end vaporizer pen through years of experience and innovation. The Stella™ is the next generation premium vaporizer pen… Prepare for liftoff!

The Basics

Stella comes with a built in alumina ceramic vaporization chamber with a sealed alumina ceramic heating element. We’ve also designed Stella’s battery with a TCR heating element. TCR (Temperature Coefficient Resistance) refers to Stella’s temperature control and this is huge for the advancement in vape pen performance. Instead of the battery outputting a constant voltage, the voltage adjusts based on the desired temperature of the heating element. Benefits of temperature control include avoiding dry or burnt hits, extended atomizer life, extended battery life, and overall consistency.
The Stella battery comes with a 5 click on/off safety feature to ensure your battery is only on when you want it to be. This is most convenient for users who may carry their pen in their pocket or purse. Click the battery button rapidly 5 times to turn on/off the battery power. The battery will illuminate and vibrate once the unit has properly been turned on or off. Press and hold the button to initiate heat with the atomizer, the lights should remain on during this process and blink when the cutoff has been reached. A safety cutoff is employed after 15 seconds.
We recommend keeping the unit upright while in use or while the unit is warm. This will help keep oils inside the heating chamber. 

Heating profile breakdown (in approximation): PREHEAT (purple) 460, LOW (green) 550 degrees, MEDIUM (blue) 630 degrees, HIGH (orange) 750 degrees. Switching between each heat setting is as simple as clicking the button 3 times. This unit also offers a preheat/session mode which can be activated by clicking the button 2 times. The lights on the button and bottom of the battery will indicate which heating profile you have entered.

* Stella battery is NOT compatible with 510 threaded cartridges. *

How to load and use your pen

Load your concentrates directly on the bottom heating plate for best results. Please be aware of how much product you are loading in the atomizer. We recommend using about 1/2 a pea size amount at a time as overloading will restrict airflow and in turn, produce less vapor.
1. Pull mouthpiece upwards to separate it from the atomizer.
2. Prepare your product and load directly on the bottom heating plate. 
3. Once your product is properly loaded, reconnect airflow regulator and mouthpiece to atomizer. 
4. Turn battery on, select heat setting, depress button, and take long slow drags for best results. Enjoy vapor! 
We recommend running the preheat cycle for about 5-10 seconds before pressing the button to take your first hit off a cold unit. This will help create maximum vapor production while the pen is in use.
Do not dry burn atomizers. This will help extend the life of these parts. There should always be a small amount of oil in the atomizer while in use. Your atomizers will begin to season overtime, allowing them to produce more vapor with less concentrates. Atomizers are not covered under warranty as they are disposable components and will need to be replaced over time. We recommend between 4-12 weeks depending on usage.  
Changing your atomizer is simply just another part of successful vape pen care. Here are some signs that your atomizer may need to be changed:
-It is visually dark, crusted or damaged.
-The dish is cracked or broken
-You are experiencing a “burnt” taste, even after thoroughly cleaning your device.
-Your atomizer is having leakage issues.

-You are experiencing decreased vapor production.

Charging your pen

We recommend charging device fully before initial use. The battery will blink the color of the current heat setting and vibrate 3 times when the battery needs to be recharged. The Stella uses a fast charge USB-C charging cable. Charging your pen is easy, just plug your charging cable in to a USB port (or AC Adapter for faster charging) and insert the other end of the cable in to the charging port on the bottom of the battery. Try not to use too much force. The light on the battery will blink when the charger registers it, indicating it is charging. When the device is fully charged, the light on the battery will turn green. The battery lasts for approximately 40 heating cycles and takes about 1 hour to charge. This battery also offers pass through charging, which means you may use the pen while it charges. 

Cleaning your pen

Cleaning Guide

We recommend using isopropyl alcohol (ISO), 91% or higher, to clean any residue in and around your atomizer, unit, and charging cable. 
1. Pull the mouthpiece off the atomizer and remove the built in silicone filter/airflow regulator by pushing the dab tool through the mouthpiece. 
2. Pour some ISO in to a small glass.
3. Drop your mouthpiece and airflow regulator into the ISO, ensuring they are completely submerged. Leave in ISO for no more than 10-15 minutes. 
4. Heat the atomizer up slightly, about 3-5 seconds, and use a dry cotton swab to soak up any residue inside your atomizer. Then use a cotton swab dipped in ISO to remove any stubborn residue on the bottom and side walls of the atomizer. Do not use too much force when cleaning the bottom heating plate. Dry heat the atomizer for another 3-5 seconds to evaporate any left over ISO.
5. Let all items air dry completely for 10-15 minutes.  
6.  Reassemble airflow regulator and mouthpiece and attach to atomizer. Dry heat the atomizer for 1-3 seconds before loading product again.

**DO NOT leave airflow regulator and mouthpiece in alcohol over the recommended time frame. This may damage the finish on these parts. DO NOT soak atomizers in ISO and make sure they are completely dry of alcohol before use.**

Compatible Items

The Stella is compatible with the Stella Atomizer, Full Top Replacement, and Glass Mouthpiece
The USB-C Charging Cable, Replacement Battery, and Dab Tool are also sold individually.


The Stella will blink RED and vibrate 3 times to indicate a faulty connection with the atomizer or if the atomizer has ceased to function. 
Make sure your battery is fully charged for best results. 
Remove the atomizer from the battery and ensure there is no debris between the contact and the battery, then reattach. This will help with any faulty connections or misfires.  
Make sure your atomizer is not threaded too tightly to the battery. About finger tight is recommended.  
Clean all connection points between the atomizer and the battery with a cotton swab and ISO alcohol. Clean out any residue from the airflow holes on the atomizer.  
Check the firing pin on the battery for damage or residue.  
Make sure your battery is powered on with 5 rapid clicks of the power button. The battery is on when the light illuminates while the power button is depressed.

Replace atomizer and test functionality.

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