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XS Introduction

The Dr. Dabber XS is an advancement in the evolution of our technology, packed into the smallest, most portable e-Rig we have ever made. Providing the power and temperature stability you've come to expect from our bigger vaporizers, this purpose-built mini dab rig is specifically designed to go anywhere you need to go, comfortably.

The Basics

XS Unboxing

Features like our original spill-proof glassware, alongside new additions such as a convenient filling tool and carb cap leash make the XS the ultimate travel companion. Whether you're on a road trip, at a show, on the course or at the beach, you can rely on the XS to provide performance anywhere. Designed to be simple to fill, load and use, the XS features our signature direct flavor pathway and a newly designed quartz heating dish with a beautiful knurling finish.


4 temperature settings - 475-625° F 

9-12 second heat up time

Revolutionary Quartz e-Chamber with built-in temperature sensor and auto preheat feature

Straight quartz to glass vapor pathway

Enhanced ergonomics with grip pads

Exceptional battery life with built-in protection against over voltage and short circuits

30+ hits on a single charge

20 second hold time

Pass through USB-C charging

Auto shutoff after 5 minutes

1 Year Warranty

XS Kit Contents:

Dr. Dabber XS Nano e-Rig

Quartz e-Chamber

Glass Attachment

Glass Carb Cap


Loading Tool

USB-C Charging Cable

Glass Filling Funnel

3x Prepackaged Iso-Snaps

How to use your XS

XS User Guide

Load your concentrates directly on the bottom heating plate for best results. You may load up to 1/2 the e-Chambers capacity, but we recommend a rice sized amount at a time for most users. 

1. Fill glass attachment with water using the included silicone funnel and attach to XS unit. Fill from the down stem, not the mouthpiece. When installing glass, make sure to hold the connection port and not the bridge or water chamber to avoid damage.

2. Install carb cap seal and tether to glass attachment. 

3. Prepare your product and load e-Chamber directly on the bottom heating plate. Place carb carb cap on glass attachment.

4. Turn unit on (5 clicks), select heat setting (3 clicks), and depress power button for 3 seconds to start a heating cycle. The unit will vibrate once the heating cycle has started and will illuminate RED while heating, then it will vibrate again and illuminate GREEN notifying you that optimal temperature has been reached and the unit is ready to start your hit. Take long, slow drags for best results. 

5. Remove carb cap to clear glass attachment. Enjoy Vapor! 

*Do not force the threading of the e-Chamber onto the main unit, it should thread on smoothly. Forcing the threading may cause cross-threading and damage the e-Chamber and/or unit.*

The e-Chamber should be completely threaded down on to the unit, about finger tight, to avoid residue getting in the connection port.

Take long, slow drags for best results. Flutter your finger over the air intake hole on the carb cap to increase or decrease the resistance of the pull.    

Do not dry burn e-Chambers. This will help extend the life and flavor of these parts. There should always be a small amount of oil in the e-Chamber while in use. Your e-Chambers will begin to season overtime, allowing them to produce more vapor with less concentrates. e-Chambers are not covered under warranty as they are disposable components and will need to be replaced over time. We recommend between 4-12 months depending on usage and cleaning habits.  

Changing your e-Chamber is simply just another part of successful e-Rig care. Here are some signs that your e-Chamber may need to be changed:

-It is visually dark or damaged.

-The dish is cracked or broken

-You are experiencing a “burnt” taste, even after thoroughly cleaning your device and e-Chamber.

-Your e-Chamber is having leakage issues.

-You are experiencing decreased vapor production.

Temperature Settings

Carefully calibrated heat settings are controlled by our TCH technology, and based on almost a decade of customer feedback. 

Heating profile breakdown (in approximation): Purple: 475 Blue: 525 Cyan: 575 Green: 625. Switching between each heat setting is as simple as clicking the button 3 times. The lights on the button will indicate which heating profile you have entered. Lower temperature settings are recommended for maximizing flavor, and higher temperatures are recommended for maximizing vapor production.

We do not recommend going higher than the Cyan/575 setting unless you are using large amounts of product. Higher heat settings will burn through smaller loads quickly and produce minimal vapor. 

Charging your XS

We recommend charging your device fully before initial use. The unit will blink the color of the current heat setting and vibrate 3 times when the battery needs to be recharged. The XS uses a USB-C charging cable. Charging your unit is easy, just plug your charging cable in to a USB port (or AC Adapter for faster charging) and insert the other end of the cable in to the charging port on the back of the unit. Try not to use too much force. The charger indication LEDs (under power button) indicate the battery status. The charger indication LEDs will pulse white to indicate charging, and solid white to indicate fully charged. The battery lasts for approximately 20-30 heating cycles and takes about 1 hour to fully charge. This battery also offers pass through charging, which means you may use the unit while it charges. 

*The XS will not charge off a high wattage power adapter, such as a laptop charger. Please use a phone (AC adapter) or a USB port on a computer or similar device to charge the unit.*

Cleaning your XS

Make sure to keep your XS unit and e-Chambers clean for best results. We recommend using 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol (ISO) to clean any residue in and around your e-Chamberand glass attachment. Use 71% or lower ISO on your unit/shell, any higher and you risk removing the paint finish from the shell of the unit. 

We recommend cotton swabbing e-Chambers after every use to extend the life and flavor of these parts. Use a dry cotton swab to mop up any left over residue. While the e-Chamber is still warm, use a cotton swab dipped in ISO to remove any stubborn blemishes. Chazzing/Staining may occur over time, but this is normal with all dab rigs and should not compromise flavor or function. 

Remove the glass attachment from the unit. Using a cotton swab or paper towel dipped in ISO, clean any residue in and around the heating chamber, dab tool, and carb cap. Let all parts air dry completely before use.

Remove water from the glass attachment by blowing in to the mouthpiece. Video for reference. You may need to shake out the last couple drops. To clean glass attachments, fill with ISO and shake vigorously until all blemishes are removed. You may need to repeat this step. Completely rinse with water and let air dry.

*Do NOT soak XS e-Chambers in ISO or any other liquid.*

Compatible Items

The XS is compatible with the XS Replacement Glass Attachment, XS Replacement e-Chamber, XS Replacement Carb Cap w/ Seal, and XS Replacement Filling Tool/Funnel.

The USB-C Charging Cable (compatible with XS, Stella, and Boost Evo units) and Dab Tool are also sold separately.


Make sure battery is fully charged and unit is powered on with 5 rapid clicks of the power button. The unit is ON when the lights illuminate.

Make sure all connections points between the e-Chamber and unit are clean. Use a cotton swab dipped in ISO to clean connection points.

Do not force the threading of the e-Chamber onto the main unit, it should thread on smoothly. Forcing the threading may cause cross-threading and damage the e-Chamber and/or unit. 

The e-Chamber should be completely threaded down, about finger tight, to avoid residue getting in the connection port. 

XS error codes

3 RED Blinks: Unit fault. Remove e-Chamber and fully Clean all connection points between the e-Chamber and the unit with a cotton swab and ISO alcohol. e-Chamber replacement may be needed.
3 WHITE Blinks: Open circuit/no e-Chamber. Remove e-Chamber from the unit and clean all connection points between the e-Chamber and the unit with a cotton swab and ISO alcohol. Make sure e-Chamber sits flush on the unit and is completely threaded down. e-Chamber replacement may be needed.
3 PINK Blinks: Battery fault. Make sure battery is fully charged and e-Chamber is installed correctly. If you continue to have issues, please contact support.
3 ORANGE Blinks: Charge fault. Make sure battery is fully charged and e-Chamber is installed correctly. If you continue to have issues, please contact support.

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