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SWITCH Introduction

The Dr. Dabber Switch is our first induction heating unit capable of vaporizing oil or leaf materials with precise power and carefully calibrated temperature profiles. Induction heating is significantly faster than any other heating method currently available and designed to create an even heating surface temperature with less hot-spots, providing a consistent flavor during the vaporizing experience. There are no electrical connections to the heating element that can wear out or break over time. All these induction heating benefits work together to give you a totally unique, precise and practical vaporizing experience. The Switch has a quality tactile satin finish which feels as soft as silicone and can easily be gripped. 

The Basics

Multiple Modes for Multiple Materials:

Leaf Mode

Oil Mode

Advanced Mode (25 Heat Settings for Oil & Leaf)

Crystal Mode (Additional Accessory Required)

Precision Heating Induction Cups:

White Ceramic (Oil)

Black Ceramic (Flower)

Crystal/Quartz (Sold Separately)

Smooth Ceramic (Sold Separately)

Sapphire (Sold Separately)

SIC (Sold Separately)

AlN (Sold Separately)

Custom Hold Times:

Need more heat for longer? Set your own hold time that works best for you!

Self Cleaning Mode:

A high energy heat cycle that burns away any remaining residue in the standard Ceramic Induction Cups.

Self Cleaning Cycle

Standby Lighting:

25 LED Light Show Options

Stealth Mode (No Top Lights)

Standby Light Options

Glass Percolator Attachment:

50mm Ground Glass Fitting

Beautiful Hourglass Profile

Heavy Duty Borosilicate

Stylish Design: 

Quality Tactile Satin Finish 

Solid Foundation 

Simple & Intuitive Interface

Technical Specs:

Output Power up to 120 watts

Battery Capacity of 33.3 watt-hours

64kb memory

Non-volatile battery cells built into battery pack (non-explosive batteries, one of the safest on the market)

Pass through charging

Over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, and reverse-polarity protection built into the unit

How to use your Switch

User Guide

1. Fill glass attachment with water and place on Switch unit.

2. Load induction cup and place inside heating chamber with included tweezers.

3. Select mode by flipping the switch to oil or leaf mode. 

4. Select power with (+) or (-) buttons. Battery level is indicated with Pink LEDs once power level is confirmed. 

5. Place carb cap on glass attachment and press (GO) button. The unit will illuminate RED while heating, then it will illuminate GREEN notifying you that optimal temperature has been reached and the unit is ready to start your hit. Take long, slow drags for best results. Enjoy Vapor. 

Quick Tips & Tricks

The Switch can be used with almost any type of concentrate or dry materials. Hash, moon rocks, keif, CBD and THC isolate just to name a few. 

We recommend using all included silicone seals ( Carb Cap Seal & Glass Attachment Seal) for maximum vapor production. 

The Induction system will heat any conductive materials placed inside the induction chamber. Therefore, ceramic or glass loading tools are suggested, but metallic loading tools will not harm the device. We recommend pre-loading your product in the induction cups to prevent any issues. Pre-loading is convenient and helps preserve the taste of the terpenes in your oils.

We recommend filling your glass attachments with water just above the perc holes. Fill the water from the mouthpiece until it has reached the appropriate level. Over filling the attachment may cause splash back. Using water in the glass attachment cools and filters vapor for a cleaner hit. 

When using upgraded carb caps, we recommend using the silicone seal from your standard carb cap and placing it on your Switch glass attachment. This will help create maximum vapor production. Video for reference.

Other Features

Your SWITCH has standard oil and flower modes, advanced mode, and crystal mode. 

Advanced Mode:

To access advanced mode, start with the switch in the OFF position. Hold the (GO) button and power your device on by switching it to either Leaf or Oil mode to enter the corresponding advanced mode. The front LEDs will illuminate in a Rainbow pattern indicating the device is in advanced mode. Advanced mode is included for those who want more flexibility in fine tuning ideal temperatures. 

Crystal Mode:

To access crystal mode, the Switch must be powered down from advanced mode. To enter crystal mode, press and hold the (+) button and power on the device by flipping the power switch to either Leaf or Oil. The front LEDs will illuminate White indicating crystal mode. 

To return to advanced mode from crystal mode, press and hold the (+) button while the device is in the off position, then power the device on by flipping the power switch to either Leaf or Oil mode. To return to standard mode from advance mode, power down the device from advance mode. Press and hold the (GO) button while the device is in the off position, then power the device on by flipping the power switch to either Oil or Flower. The front LEDs will illuminate Yellow for standard oil mode and Green for standard flower mode. 

Training Hold Time:

In advanced and crystal modes, you may train the hold time of your Switch unit. The "hold time" is the length of time the Switch remains activated, so you may enjoy your hit, which is indicated with a green light. Select your desired temperature, then press and hold the GO button. Continue holding the GO button until you are satisfied with the amount of hold time. Once the GO button is released, the Switch unit will remember this hold time on all further heating cycles in advanced/crystal mode. You may train the Switch as many times as you like, it will only remember the most recent train time. Standard hold time is 15 seconds. The minimum trainable hold time is 5 seconds. The longest trainable hold time is 30 seconds.

Standby Light Settings and Stealth Mode

Flower Use and Tips

When using the Switch with flower, we recommend starting low temp (around 400) and working your way up to find the best temp for you personal needs. We recommend setting the temp at 420 for a more traditional vaping experience. Higher heat settings (above 600) will give more of a bong-like experience, providing heavy head and body highs. Temp guide for reference.

Press flower down firmly in induction cups (about finger tight) and make sure to stir your flower in between heating cycles to get the most from your materials. 

Take long, slow drags for best results.
Dry flower may require lower heat settings and fresh or dense flower may require slightly higher heat settings.

Water levels will impact vapor density. We recommend water levels about a 1/2 inch above the percolator holes, but you may need to increase or decrease water levels based on the desired vapor density.  
The Switch can vaporize flower in many different ways. Experiment with different heat settings, water levels, material packing, and draw lengths/hold time to find the best settings for your personal needs.

We recommend using the ceramic leaf filter with dry herb. This filter helps heat the induction cups evenly for better vapor production and keeps dry herbs inside the induction cup while in use. You may use a torch to clean the ceramic filter or soak in isopropyl alcohol for 10-20 minutes

Switch Temperatures

Temp Guide

Advanced and Crystal Mode Approximate Temperature Ranges:

1 Purple LED is the lowest power setting (~300°F|148.8°C degree range)
1 Purple (300°F|148.8°C) 2 Purple (320°F|160°C) 3 Purple (340°F|171.1°C) 4 Purple (360°F|182.2°C) 5 Purple (380°F|193.3°C)
1 Blue (400°F|204.4°C) 2 Blue (420°F|215.5°C) 3 Blue (440°F|226.6°C) 4 Blue (460°F|237.7°C) 5 Blue (480°F|248.8°C)
1 Cyan (500°F|260°C) 2 Cyan (520°F|271.1°C) 3 Cyan (540°F|282.2°C) 4 Cyan (560°F|293.3°C) 5 Cyan (580°F|304.4°C)
1 Green (600°F|315.5°C) 2 Green (620°F|326.6°C) 3 Green (640°F|337.7°C) 4 Green (660°F|348.8°C) 5 Green (680°F|360°C)
1 Yellow (700°F|371.1°C) 2 Yellow (720°F|382.2°C) 3 Yellow (740°F|393.3°C) 4 Yellow (760°F|404.4°C) 5 Yellow (780°F|415.5°C)
5 Yellow LED's is the highest power setting (equivalent to ~780°F|415.5°C degree range)
*All temperatures are approximate ranges and may vary on induction cup used.*

Charging your Switch

The Switch unit will illuminate the current power percentage in Pink after confirming/changing the heat setting. Five solid Pink lights indicate 100% charged. These Pink LED lights will begin to flash when the unit has less than a 10% charge. We only recommend charging your unit once it reaches less than a 20% charge (One Pink LED) and removing your unit from the charger as soon as it is fully charged. This will help extend the overall lifespan of your battery. Leaving your unit plugged in for extended periods will shorten the lifespan of the battery. 

Cleaning your Switch

Cleaning Guide

The Switch comes with a programmed self-cleaning cycle for Standard Ceramic induction cups. Make sure to clean out any residue inside the induction chamber and under the induction cup before using the self cleaning cycle. Press and release (+) button, then press hold the (+) button for 5 seconds or until the heating chamber lights illuminate PURPLE and the unit starts a heating cycle with the ascending red LED lights. Once the cleaning cycle starts, you may let go of the (+) button. The unit may need to start a cooling cycle, with descending blue LED lights, when the cleaning cycle is complete. Cooling cycle will only activate if the unit becomes too warm to function correctly. The cooling cycle may last anywhere from 1-5 minutes after a cleaning cycle. Do not power down the unit until cooling cycle completes. You may also use a torch to clean induction cups or soak them in isopropyl alcohol for 10-20 minutes.  

*Cleaning cycle will not activate in Crystal Mode.*

Make sure to keep your Switch unit and induction cups clean. Remove the glass attachment and induction cup from the unit. Using a cotton swab or paper towel dipped in isopropyl alcohol, we recommend 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol for best results, clean any residue in and around the induction chamber. Let all parts air dry completely before use.

We recommend using a cotton swab to clean out induction cups after every use. This will help preserve the lifespan and flavor of these parts. Dry cotton swab immediately after every dab. Then use a cotton swab dipped in ISO, while the cup is still warm, to remove any left over residue. 

To clean glass attachments, fill with isopropyl alcohol and shake vigorously until all blemishes are removed. You may need to repeat this step. Completely rinse with water and let air dry.

You may use a torch to clean Quartz, SIC, AlN, Sapphire, and Smooth Ceramic induction cups or soak in isopropyl alcohol for 10-20 minutes. Use constant motion while torching. Do not let hot inserts/cups come in contact with cool surfaces while warm. Let inserts/cups cool naturally at room temperature. Video for reference.

Compatible Items

All Switch Kits will come with 2 ceramic inductions cups. However, we do offer additional inserts to be purchased separately. 

Leaf Cup (Black) // Concentrate Cup (White): These Gr2 Titanium cups have a medical grade ceramic coating on the heating surface for optimal heat distribution. Both cups are included in all Switch kits.

Quartz Cup: A solid, quartz dish insert inside a titanium induction cup. Designed for use with oil but can also be used for low heat flower vaporization. Please note, for optimal results, the Switch must be in crystal mode to use the Quartz insert.

Sapphire Cup: The Sapphire Induction Cup is an ultra premium accessory designed for use specifically with oil for the Switch. Placed inside a Titanium Cup, the Sapphire Insert provides the cleanest surface possible for your oil and concentrates - truly a luxury dabbing experience. Please note, for optimal results, the Switch must be in crystal mode to use the Sapphire insert.

SIC Cup: The SIC (Silicon Carbide) Induction Cup is an ultra premium accessory designed for use specifically with oil for the Switch. Placed inside a Titanium Cup, the SIC Insert is lightweight and extremely durable, able to withstand very high temperatures.With the SIC Induction Cup's higher thermal conductivity, you can achieve your desired heat at a much lower temperature setting while obtaining great flavor - truly a luxury dabbing experience. Please note, for optimal results, the Switch must be in crystal mode to use the SIC insert.

ALN Cup: The SWITCH: AlN (Aluminum Nitride) Induction Cup is the most premium induction cup available for the Switch. This accessory is used in a variety of industries such as medical, defense, and even aerospace, due to its extensive list of impressive capabilities. The SWITCH: AlN Induction Cup also provides a level of thermal expansion similar to Silicone, meaning this accessory can experience high temperatures without cracking or being damaged. Aluminum Nitride is also able to withstand extreme and rapid changes in temperature, is non-toxic, chemically safe, hard to oxidize, and provides the purest and most flavorful experience for SWITCH users. Please note, for optimal results, the Switch must be in crystal mode to use the AlN insert.

Ceramic Filter: The Ceramic Filter is specifically designed for low-temperature flower vaporization. Acting as a cap for the Switch Induction Cup, the ceramic filter creates an 'oven' effect when used with flower and keeps dry herbs inside the induction cup while in use.

Switch Silicone Base: The perfect dab station for all Switch users. Made entirely from platinum cured silicone, this accessory provides the perfect no-slip station for all of your dabbing needs. Designed with several compartments, you can stash your Iso-Snaps, induction cups, Loading Tool, Budder Cutter, and more in a safe and convenient space.

Switch Silicone Packs: Silicone Packs are the perfect way to customize your favorite e-Rig. Each accessory pack includes a variety of three Carb Cap seals, three Induction Cup Tweezer tips, and three Glass Attachment Seals, now conveniently designed with a built-in dab tool holder.

Additional accessories include glass attachments, carb caps, and glassblower tubes.

When using upgraded carb caps, we recommend using the silicone seal from your standard carb cap and placing it on your Switch glass attachment. This will help to create maximum vapor production. Video for reference.


Most issues with the Switch can be resolved with a soft reset. To reset the Switch unit, turn the unit off and remove the battery for at least 30 seconds. Replace the battery and test functionality. Removing the battery will NOT void your warranty. The battery is located under the bottom base plate. To remove the base plate, hold the switch unit upright and slightly twist this plate until it falls away from the unit. The base plate is held in place with magnets, so you just need to twist it enough to disengage the magnets. Make sure to remove the glass attachment and induction cup before flipping your unit upside down. Here is a quick instructional video on how to remove the battery pack.

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